David Field
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Contemplative Solo Guitar
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Comments About David’s Music and CD

“David Field’s Wordless Poetry Album, Its The Best! Here at People’s Music it is our favorite CD.. .”

Bo Bryant, owner Peoples Music

“This CD has been the one I’m listening too more often this past year than any other. It’s like a best friend.”  — Larry Temple

“David, your CD makes me happy all the way to work! It's very upbeat in the most gentle ways! Thank you! Blessings on you.” –Diane Budo

“When I hear this music it opens me up to a place where my spirit can rest”

 –Sarah Bates

“Soothing and energizing at the same time”

 –Hochima Treppa MFT

“Elegant transparent music”

–Doug Bowes Choir Director

“David’s album was my introduction to fingerstyle guitar, and I couldn't have found a better one. David's renditions and his originals are masterful as well as poetic. His sound is unique. Love it!”

–Joan Parisi Wilcox

For bookings and info contact:

Greenfield Productions dfguitar@sonic.net



Sebastopol Farmers Market

Sunday 1/9/20 10am–1pm

Kate Magdalena Duo


Redwood Cafe, Cotati CA

Tuesday 3/10/20 7-9pm

Kate Magdalena Duo


David Field is a solo guitar instrumentalist who has a unique, romantic and flowing style with a talent to perfectly adapt his classical training to fingerstyle guitar playing.

The music is a combination of well loved folk covers and original acoustic guitar style. To which William Ackerman of Windham Hill responded: "I don't hear ego here,  but genuine personal expression.  This may not matter to most people,  but it does matter deeply to me.  There are plenty of guitar gunslingers who have nothing to say from the heart and that's ultimately what matters most to me. The music is graceful."

David has performed as a professional guitar instrumentalist in venues throughout Northern California both as a soloist and with his ensembles..

Residing in beautiful Sonoma County, California, David lets the back roads take him home. His cd, Wordless Poetry, features nineteen solo guitar arrangements of contemporary classics and original compositions  Several of the songs are now featured on his Pandora radio station, "David A. Field". The CD is available through Bandcamp

Moon River Video on YouTube
Listen on cd page… David Field CD