David Field
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Contemplative Solo Guitar
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Updated 190608-X7

THIS ALBUM is a sweet mingling

of recognizable classics with fresh

treats of David’s own. Here is a

richly evocative invitation to rec-

ognize and celebrate the feelings

generated by each of the selec-

tions. This is Wordless Poetry.

Through and beyond the personal

joy his music brings to him, Da-

vid experiences a deep sense of

connection with his audience. He

likens it to a brief, intense meeting,

one he hopes will flourish in the

memory of the melodies and nu-

ance which ignited it. As he plays,

David extends himself to each

listener. The songs are conversa-

tion, a dialogue that opens with

the question: “How do we become

friends and develop a trust and

rapport that transcends our limits

and distance as strangers?”

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