David Field
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Sweet Fingerstyle Guitar
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“Elegant transparent music”
–Doug Bowes Choir Director

“Soothing and energizing at the same time”
 –Hochima Treppa MFT

“David’s album was my introduction to fingerstyle guitar, and I couldn't have found a better one. David's renditions and his originals are masterful as well as poetic. His sound is unique. Love it!”
–Joan Parisi Wilcox, Writer

"Non-intrusive David's music has a gentle, positive, uplifting effect."
Jennifer Weil, Writer

"Nostalgic, wonderful choice of folk music’s wonderfully played."
Judith Hineman, Blue Heron Restaurant staff

Never intrusive, always in harmony with the mood of his audience, David delivers original arrangements of old favorites and his own compositions, blending 60's folk and folk-blues, light classical, and ragtime. "David's soft melodic style created a warm atmosphere for our opening."
Bobby Thamen-The Family Gallery"

David's wonderful, nostalgic choice of music creates a warm atmosphere" " His playing is gentle, positive and uplifting. He's an asset to our business."
Tom Hargadon, The Blue Heron Restaurant Owner

"His musical sound carries me into a wonderful new world...soothes my soul, and lifts my spirit."
Delores Pevehous, Festival of Artists Director- Los Angles California